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Man and Woman in Love Field (2001)
An abstract work. A blue and a red square area, each symbolic for man or woman and interchangeable. Blue,

The Last Supper (2001)
In the middle 13 of four different colored Lego bricks on a green Lego plate are arranged in a circle



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I was repeatedly advised not to explain my pictures to ask any texts for the individual images, titles and more than at this not also the best. Any words would narrow the artistic freedom of the viewer or even change. I disagree and can not share my view, the radical perspective. There are different levels viewer and we must not overwhelm the viewer. Modern art, especially if it is abstract or devoid of purpose, need explanation, not everybody, but many. I myself am sometimes amazed how can viewers of my paintings, my emotions I had when painting sympathize. Some can formulate my thoughts here even though they have no information. But these are few. Most need a guide or small clues the images to be able to understand at least in part.