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Jesus Christ (2002)

Height: 150 cm, width: 120 cm. Please click on the picture for a bigger illustration.

Acrylic on canvas, lego, paint. Controlled action painting.      "Privately owned, no longer available"

The viewer displays the image as either a pyramid standing on its tip of white stone or as a tunnel, at the end of the white stone is. Tunnel and the pyramid symbolize different ways of faith. Center of the image is a green Lego plate encircled by 12 different colored Lego bricks (Acts, black for Judas) with a white Lego block centrally located in the middle, as a symbol of Jesus Christ.

"I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

" Lego as a toy to a more playful experience of faith, within the meaning of faith as the children point. Color rings, from the inside out green, red, blue, gold, white and black surround this green area. The color rings (the world) look like golden rays (symbol of the work of God) held together and interwoven. The whole image is covered with a clear lacquer, which seems occasionally to run in streaks from top to bottom over the image. Current streaks symbolize the tears of the people because of their transience and so symbolize the time. At the same time symbolize this ongoing streaks tears of God who weeps for all the deluded, errant, misguided and lost people.

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